Earn Guild Goes Live on PancakeSwap

Here we go, EARNers! The arrival of Earn Guild on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), as anticipated, finally kicked off! And now the native EARN token is listed on PancakeSwap, arguably the largest DEX on BSC. Therefore, you can easily buy and trade with minimal fees and convenience.EARN Token is backed by renowned partners and venture capital firms and earned over $8.1 million in its early successful sale rounds. The sale represents one of the best avenues for Earn Guild to successfully expand its exposure, given that PancakeSwap is a major decentralized exchange on the BSC ecosystem. In fact, PancakeSwap (CAKE) has been up by over 3.6% over the few days since the EARN token went live.

Earn Guild Goes Live on PancakeSwap
Earn Guild

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What’s Earn Guild?

Earn Guild is simply a next-gen player guild for play-to-earn games and features all the tools that transform gaming into just more than a hobby. The players can easily participate in the play-to-earn games while maximizing their income potential.

Interestingly, Earn Guild has a personalized non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that players easily rent or acquire NFTs from various play-to-earn games. Renting comes with benefits such as excellent returns for the NFT owners and helping to break entry barriers for the play-to-earn games. Moreover, NFT renting allows players to access all games without the required minimum capital easily.

Furthermore, there’s the community-oriented coaching system, whereby the experienced gamers leverage their knowledge and skills to coach others for a fee. That way, newcomers can have a rapid ascension, while those players with experience can take their skills up a notch.

As already mentioned, there are several tools that Earn Guild can offer, and the Earn Guild exchange is one of them; several play-to-earn tokens are listed here and are available for both staking and trading. Anyone can easily convert the gaming tokens into $EARN via this innovative but straightforward mechanism.

$EARN Token Use Cases and Liquidity

All the transactions within Earn Guild and each facet of the reward system take place under the $EARN token. Therefore, it means that accessing coaching, the NFT marketplace, and all the services are entirely exclusive to the $EARN token holders.

Besides, $EARN is the governance token of the Earn Guild protocol, which means holders have the right to vote on the proposals as well as effectively make decisions on the future of the platform. Examples of the decisions that can become proposals as well as voted on include;

  • How much revenue is to be allocated to the buyback program
  • Which NFTs to buy or sell, and
  • Uses for the tokens acquired in the buyback

Furthermore, $EARN can have great liquidity right from the start, which investors should be aware of.

Also, Earn Guild offers players access to a plethora of currency accounts, bank transfers, crypto wallets, as well as an Earn Guild MasterCard to spend or save player winnings. Through MasterCard and its inbuilt fiat gateway, the holders of the $EARN token can easily convert the token into traditional currencies like the US Dollar, Euro, and several others. Also, they can convert them to cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Players can also borrow, finance real-life expenses, or even in-game investments based on their credit scores. The credit score is provided regarding the player’s earnings as well as fulfillment of their previous payment obligations.

Additional Information

Earn Guild features strong tokenomics for the $EARN token to ensure that they maximize potential returns for all token holders. For that to happen;

  • The supply of $EARN tokens is low
  • There’s an on-market $EARN buyback program
  • It has ensured that $EARN tokens are a major part of the Earn’s Guild business model
  • Also, all $EARN tokens that are allocated to advisors and team members are locked up for about 1-4 years.

$EARN buyback tokens are allocated as follows;

  • 25% NFT vault – acquiring additional GameFi NFTs for Earn Guild Marketplace.
  • 25% Locking Liquidity – increasing DEX liquidity pool to promote the healthy secondary market.
  • 25% token burning – that’s by progressively decreasing the total supply of $EARN tokens.
  • 25% staking fund – funding yield to the $EARN holders that provide extra liquidity to the DEX liquidity pools.

Ideally, Earn Guild is a next-gen guild for players to earn more. It’s all about train, play, earn, repeat!