How To Get Started With Video Ad Monetization And What Are Its Benefits?

In recent times, an ever-increasing number of businesses have decided to monetize their earnings by means of advertising.

How To Get Started With Video Ad Monetization And What Are Its Benefits?
Video Ad Monetization

You can commonly notice this in the media and entertainment business. To be honest, it definitely is a smart move! As per multiple surveys, video promotions and the adaptation of this process on OTT content distributed through smart TVs have been estimated to hit $44.2 billion by the end of the year 2022.

Keeping this developing pattern in mind, in this blog, we have focused on video ad monetization for the new and old bloggers today. To be specific, we will be talking about the three main points that anyone needs to know: how to upscale your business using video ads, how to connect to each and every user and grow your existing client base. Now, you might want to know how you can start hosting video ads on your platform. Don’t worry, we will tell you about that too. And while doing that, we’ll additionally cover related topics, including tracking your revenue and which video servers are best for the coming years. 

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Are you as excited as us to start your journey and increase your revenue with video ads? Well then, let’s dive in, shall we?

What Will We Be Talking About Below?

  • Advantages of Video Ad Monetization
  • The most effective method to get started with video Ad Monetization
  • Summing it all up once again 

Advantages Of Video Ad Monetization 

As you must have already figured out, video ads monetization is not growing owing to just one reason. There are many factors contributing to its growth and one of the most specific ones being that it helps you earn more money.

So, how about we dive right into the three primary advantages of Video Ad Monetization? Let’s go!

1. Upscaling Your Income 

Video promoting can indeed bring in lots of money for different organizations. The amount for digital ad spending seems to rise with each passing day. Well, it has also been predicted that, by the year 2023, your income through video ads might reach $47. Yes, you read that right: $47 billion! That obviously denotes a tremendous amount of cash that is available to all. 

Although businesses steered clear from this particular method previously, now they are realizing that video ads can indeed be highly beneficial. To be specific, many reports have even claimed that organizations that use video ads make an income 49 percent quicker than non-video clients. So now you know, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to scale up your earnings, video ads might just be your best bet. 

2. Reach Every Gadget In The World 

The second significant advantage of video advertisements is the power to arrive at each viewer’s gadget. If you happen to monetize your ads through a membership or a pay-per-see paywall, this presents a hindrance to clients before they can watch your content. Furthermore, viewers are less likely to pay through a mobile device than through a desktop. 

The younger your audience is, as you probably know, the more likely they are to pay through cell phones. Indeed, twenty to thirty year olds are well on the way to observe a live video on a cell phone (56%) or a tablet (44%). 

Now, what did you understand from these two trends? In short, it is evident that advertising is the best means of not just reaching out to the audience but also to increase your revenue. And another noteworthy thing is that neither pay per view nor subscriptions can match the reach and fame of ads. Furthermore, if you combine it with a compatible video player, video ad monetization is surely the best option for mobile video businesses.

3. Reaching Your Audience 

One of the best advantages, according to me and also many others users, of video ads is that you can reach a huge clientele with the least possible efforts. This is also the third and also one of the significant reasons why more and more people are opting for video ads these days. As we have seen from many surveys and instances, people generally prefer video ads more than static ads and the logic behind this is quite simple – the movement on the screen keeps them hooked and thus retaining their attention to the best of their ability.

There is another significant factor to consider here. Over 69% of U.S. families have been surveyed to have atleast one OTT service. Besides, a full 38% buy in to at least two. However, one side effect ot impact of this developing pattern is the rise of the otherwise common “subscription fatigue.” 

According to another survey, 60.1% of individuals are heavily bored and tired from having to look at such countless streaming advertisements. Over 20% of individuals don’t know much at all about upcoming services. Furthermore, only 16.5% of the userss state that having so many competing services can turn out to be fruitful. 

How To Get Started With Video Ad Monetization 

Putting out advertisements or even boosting your ads can drive significant income to your business. In any case, as with other monetization strategies, your growth all relies upon proper execution as well. 

Well, so now you know all about the three primary advantages of video ads monetization. Let us move on to the second and most important part of this article. In this part, we’ll take you through the process of starting with video ads monetization at the basic level. Again, we’ll be splitting this into three principal components so as to make it easy. 

1. Connecting With An Ad Server 

The first and foremost step in starting with video ads monetization is getting in touch with an ad server or ad network such as ForeMedia. Don’t know what an ad network is? An ad network is a company whose sole business is running ads and they tie up with other companies to do so. While certain networks connect only with selected audience, there are other organizations too who are free to work with anyone from any field.

2. Introducing Ads Into Your Videos 

If you have already connected with an ad server then this step will be smooth as butter for you. When you are using an online video platform, inserting ads into your videos will not be much of a problem for you, just a few clicks and you will be good to go. The only thing you need to look into while doing this is that whether or not the ads you are integrating are compatible on every device, be it smartphones or computers. If not, your income rate might turn out to be painfully low.

Finally, we should take a look at the third and last step to video ads monetization. 

3. Track Your Profits 

The final step in implementing video ad monetization is to track your profits. Any ad network you choose to integrate on your platform will generally come with a tracking ttol anyway. Additionally, you can also keep a track of all the analytics using any other tracking site. Analysing data can help you:

  • Differentiate between your best and most noticeably awful performing content
  • Correlate views with advertisement incomes
  • Find your audience geographically
  • Decide the best dates and times to deliver content
  • Calculate the bandwidth usage
  • Discover which gadgets are generally famous among your crowd 

To Sum It Up

With the correct structure and a foolproof plan, you can earn a lot of money using video ads monetization. All you need to do is proper research about which ad network you and your business will be compatible with and can help you make the most out of your investment. 

By now, I hope you are well acquainted with video ads monetization. We’ve covered the advantages of video advertisements, and how you can start monetizing your business with them. The next step? You’re prepared to do it without anyone’s help – to dispatch your own OTT on demand video platform! Publicizing is driving significant income for different OTT organizations today. What’s more, with the correct video promoting applications, your business can surely be a piece of that development. 

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If you are still looking for the correct video platform for your ads, that will require a significant amount of research. There are many servers available in the market today. You just need to tally what suits your requirement the best and can help you increase your revenue. We would say that if you are just starting with this, go for a trial session first and once you are comfortable enough, you can buy a yearly package and make the best out of your videos.