Top 2 Easiest And Life-Changing Ways To Monetize Your Website/Blog

As you’re running your blog or website, what’s the meaning of free traffic? Well, traffic generated through social media platforms and uploading stories is considered free traffic. Many ‘Digital Marketing Gurus’ also consider it as free traffic.

Top 2 Easiest And Life-Changing Ways To Monetize Your Website/Blog

Is it actually free? Absolutely Not! Your blog or website gets traffic when the SEO optimized posts are linked with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. If you’re the one who is not spending money on ads and paid digital marketing methods, you probably know the value of free traffic.

How do you curate and upload SEO optimized posts on your site? You research about the keywords of your niche, write compelling content, edit the context, and finally upload it on the website. Later, you promote your posts on social media platforms.

Can you become the ‘BIG BOY’ on search engines by writing compelling blogs and getting free traffic? You’re putting hell lots of effort, but the monetization factor is still missing. Yeah, you should get paid from Google to write such interesting posts and drive traffic to your website. 

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So, without further ado, we’re sharing the best, easiest, and 100% cost-effective methods to earn money from your free traffic. Let’s get started. 

Google Adsense 

When it comes to earning money from blogs or YouTube videos, Google Adsense comes first on every list. For getting dollars from Google, you don’t need millions of traffic, hundreds of websites, and shell out money on paid ads. Having small traffic and uploading compelling posts are enough to monetize your website.

The best part about Adsense is that you get the freedom to place ads of your choice for your daily visitors. Plus, if you’re running third-party ads on your website, you’ll already get paid from the third-party advertisers. 

When it comes to Google Adsense ads, if any visitor clicks on your ads, you get a small percentage from Google. This small percentage is actually small; it could be between some cents and a few dollars per click, which also depends on your genre and type of ads.

If your visitors love you, they will undoubtedly click those ads, and you’ll soon start getting cheques from Google. 

Premium Display Ad Networks 

When Google Adsense became quite popular, and bloggers started considering it as a money-making machine, running ads wasn’t actually an easier task. Yes, either you have to run the Google ads or argue with the third party advertisers. With the help of Premium Display Ad Networks, monetizing and earning money from your website has become an easier task. 

Premium Display Ad Networks such as ForeMedia pay you per 1000 visitors and three times more than Google Adsense. 

However, there are generally minimum traffic requirements. 

Final Wrap-Up

If you’re spending hours updating your website, writing compelling posts, and promoting them on different platforms, you should undoubtedly get paid for your efforts. Premium display ads are the best to boost your audience and fill your pockets every week with thousands of dollars. 

You can also consider other options as well for generating additional revenue. Lastly, which method you prefer entirely depends on you! But, never kill and mislead your audience to maximize your monthly profits and fill your pockets.  

Keep Working Hard And Take Your Website To The Next Level!