What Is Dexlab (DXL)?

If you would like to know where to buy Dexlab at the current rate, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Dexlab stock are currently MEXC, Serum DEX, Jupiter, and Raydium.

What Is Dexlab (DXL)?
Dexlab (DXL)

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What Is Dexlab (DXL)?

Dexlab is a platform that makes launching on Solana easy with a token minting lab, a launchpad and a dedicated DEX for all listings. The platform runs on the Solana blockchain, which offers high scalability and very low fees.

DXL is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Fees for processing transactions and storing data.
  • Running validator nodes on the network via staking DXL tokens.
  • Used for governance votes to determine how network resources are allocated.

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Dexlab tools include:

  • Decentralized Exchange for users to be able to trade any asset listed
  • LIST YOUR MARKET feature which allows market owners to list their market in our DEX
  • LAUNCHPAD for public sale of tokens by projects utilizing Dexlab for IDO
  • MINTING LAB feature which allows users to create and list an SPL Token and NFT
  • BOT support for traders who want to use our API

How Many DXL Coins Are There in Circulation?

Dexlab launched its mainnet on July 31, 2021 with 1 billion DXL tokens created at genesis. 19.5% is reserved for Mining Pool and Rewards. 15% for Marketing and Community, with a 2 year lock up. 15% for Development Incentives, with a 3 month lock up. 10% for Liquidity Fund. 5.5% for Strategic Investors, with 15% TGE unlocked, 10% quarterly. 4% for Seed Investors, 15% TGE unlocked, 10% quarterly. 15% for Ecosystem Reserve, with a 3 month lock up. 10% for the Team, with 1 year lock up. 4% for the advisory board, with a 1 year lock up. 2% for the IDO, with no lock up.

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Where Can I Buy Dexlab Tokens (DXL)?

DXL is available for trading on our platform, Dexlab. Our goal is to list on the many Serum based exchanges available, as well as major centralized exchanges.